National Council on Martial Arts

NCMA U.S. Championships

Mission Statement

The National Council on Martial Arts is proud to present the NCMA U.S. Championship. Each year, NCMA offers the finest in athletic competitions and competitive venues. NCMA is dedicated to the pursuit of sportsmanship, officiating skill and fairness in judgment along with athletic prowess.

The National Council on Martial Arts is committed to highly organized and professionally conducted competitive experiences for each and every athlete. The NCMA U.S. Championship is the gathering point for all competitive martial artists who are devoted to the true spirit of martial arts competition. The NCMA is an association founded by martial artists, for martial artists and is dedicated to excellence in:

  • State and National Competitions
  • Officials/Coach's Certifications
  • Belt Rank Testing and Certifications
  • Association Appointments
  • Source of Martial Arts Guidance and Camaraderie

The NCMA U.S. Championship strives for skilled, safe and fairly judged events and is considered a leader in martial arts competitions with in the United States.

Building a Legacy of Success!