National Council on Martial Arts

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Advocating for Martial Artists Since 2013

National Council on Martial Arts, NCMA, began as a small martial arts support group meeting the individual needs of the every day martial arts student or school owner. Since that time, NCMA has grown into an organization containing a large variety of desirable martial arts services. NCMA offers the perfect opportunity to connect with like disciplines, martial arts needs or to just simply connect with others in the martial arts world. Notably, NCMA is best known for its Black Belt Registry and prestigious Hall of Fame. The NCMA U.S. Championships are second to none, officiated by NCMA certified officials using NCMA common sense, easily accepted guidelines and competition rules.

A Legacy of Success

NCMA also offers custom and highly detailed school management advice to owners who seek to enjoy advanced school security and enrollment growth.

The National Council on Martial Arts Board of Directors are non-paid volunteers, martial artists who definitely fulfill those core values of a true martial artist.

NCMA accepts all martial arts, students and school owners alike. Enjoy the professional camaraderie we can offer you. Explore our NCMA website. We look forward to your questions and suggestions.

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